Assured Insulating

Open Cell Spray Foam

Our spray foam insulation services can dramatically lower your energy bills by as much as 50 percent and provide you with many unique benefits.

Air moves in and out of a home through every hole, crack, and crevice. Roughly 33% of air infiltrates through walls, ceilings, and floors. Adding an advanced insulation system is necessary to achieve optimal building performance. Lapolla Spray Foam is that advanced insulation system.

Air exchange in and out of a home is a leading cause of escalated energy bills. Spray Foam insulation can maximize a homeowner’s investment by sealing the building envelope to stop conditioned indoor air from escaping and prevent unconditioned air from entering a home. Mechanical systems that heat and cool buildings are continuously operating; reducing extreme temperature variations, with the use of spray foam insulation, saves on the overuse of mechanical systems and leads to lower energy bills.


Lapolla FLX500
Lapolla FL500

What is Open Cell Spray Foam

Open Cell Spray Foam is a low-density/high yield spray foam that fits well into residential, commercial, and agricultural applications in our climate zone. Because of its higher yield it is provides a lower cost alternative to closed cell spray foam, especially in residential applications. Due to its soft cell structure it is best used in enclosed wall systems and residential attics and crawlspaces but can be utilized elsewhere.

Open Cell Foam, Closed Cell Foam, Which Should I Choose?

  • R-3.8 per inch with open cell foam
  • High performance and lower cost with open cell foam
  • R-6.8 per inch with closed cell
  • High performance in tight spaces and applications which require an exposed spray foam with closed cell foam
  • Both foams can be painted in exposed applications for a finished appearance