Assured Insulating


Many home and business owners realize they must maintain a higher level of air quality in their living and work spaces and need to remove their old, contaminated insulation as a result. Removing these existing insulations requires expertise in extracting the molded, contaminated insulation material.

We have the expertise to handle all insulation removal jobs with the proper safety equipment and disposal methods necessary to succeed in improving your indoor air quality.

We hand-remove old fiberglass batts and rolls and pack them carefully into bags that are then removed from your home. If your Texas home was insulated with blown material, usually cellulose, rock-wool, or fiberglass, we use a vacuum system to remove the material which ensures a clean job with little to no extra debris.

Insulation removal is a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. One you don’t want to have to tackle yourself. Removal of existing insulation is highly recommended for spray foam retrofit applications, house remodels and or rewiring, and decontamination of existing insulation.

We have several options available for completing your thermal envelope once your existing insulation is removed. For your East Texas or Northwest Louisiana home or business, you may need insulation removal performed ASAP. If so, contact Assured Insulating in Tyler, TX today for a quote.