The thermally effecient, cost effective way to combat rising energy costs!


Knauf Insulation Jet Stream® ULTRA Blowing Wool Insulation is an unbonded, virgin fibrous glass blowing insulation designed with optimal thermal properties and excellent coverage and blowing characteristics.

Features and Benefits

Excellent Thermal Performance

  • Fills all gaps and voids, creating a thermal barrier against outside air and better temperature control


  • One product, one inventory, two applications

Energy Conservation

  • Reduces fuel usage and utility bills for heating and air conditioning


  • Each bag contains the equivalent of over 30 recycled bottles, with a minimum of 60% post-consumer recycled glass content

Noise Reduction

  • Improves Sound Transmission Class (STC) ratings by 4 to 10 points


  • Jet Stream ULTRA Blowing Wool Insulation is a pneumatically installed insulation product (see Equipment Required below).


  • Non-combustible, non-corrosive
  • Will not rot, mildew or deteriorate